Cordyceps Sinesis


This versatile fungi has been used for over 2000 years originating from the Himalayas and is considered by Traditional Chinese Medicine to be an effective tonic, aphrodisiac, and one of the most beneficial herbal medicines known to man. The Cordyceps mushroom thrives in upper mountainous regions particularly at 9,000 to 15,000 feet above sea level. Cordyceps sinesis is a parasitic fungus that lives off of butterfly and moth larvae, it attacks and grows on caterpillars especially of the genus Thitorodes (Ghost Moth). The three main constituents in Cordyceps are Polysaccharides, Nucleosides, and Sterols. Polysaccharides are complex carbohydrates consisting of chains of sugars. It is known to stabilize blood pressure, have an effect on free radicals, and stimulate the immune system. Nucleosides are organic molecules that are then converted into building blocks of DNA and RNA genetic material, Nucleosides have also been used in the treatment of cancers. Sterols are alcohols of the steroid group that are believed to lower cholesterol, reduce the threat of heart disease and has anti-tumor properties.

Cordyceps is an adaptogen so it acclimatizes to your body’s needs and builds resistance to stressors of bodily functions for instance fatigue, extreme temperature variations, or even sleep deprivation. Being an adaptogen, Cordyceps has the ability to improve overall health and increase resiliency to stress over time. Cordyceps is well known for enhancing endurance, energy, and strength this is the reason why many athletes consume and swear by it. This supplement became popularized during the 1993 Stuttgart World Championships when two female Chinese athletes who admitted to consuming Cordyceps, beat world records for the track and field 1,500, 3,000 and 10,000 meter runs. Besides enhancing endurance and stamina Cordyceps also has the capability to reduce cholesterol levels, increased efficiency of the circulatory and immune systems, boost sexual function and potency, accelerated recovery from respiratory infections, and liver protection. Chemotherapy patients can benefit from Cordyceps because it greatly enhances their recovery.



How to Find the Best Cordyceps Supplement


I have spent years searching for the perfect cordyceps sinensis supplement and I believe I have developed the perfect guide for finding the best cordyceps sinensis available. First, let me begin by explaining what cordyceps is and why you would want to take this magical herb as daily supplement. Cordyceps sinensis is a mushroom like herb that grows in the Himalayan Mountains at about 12,000 feet above sea level. This amazing herbs ability to adapt to the climate and thrive gives cordyceps nearly magical medicinal properties. For this reason, cordyceps sinensis is considered an adaptogen herb.

Adaptogen herbs work to balance the body by adapting to the body’s specific needs. They balance energy levels, the stress response system, hormones, and more while simultaneously boosting overall health. Each adaptogen has its own unique properties, but they all adapt to the body’s needs while causing little to side effects or negative interactions. Adaptogen herbs are safe alternative to many dangerous prescription medicines.

Cordyceps sinensis’ unique benefits include its ability to increase energy, endurance, and stamina. Cordyceps also works to boost oxygen capacity and lung function while battling weakness and fatigue. For all of these reasons, cordyceps has become very popular with athletes. Cordyceps also works to boost the immune system, improve sexual function, and boost overall health.

The best cordyceps sinensis is organically grown in the USA or wild harvested from the HimalayanMountains. It is very difficult to find wild harvested cordyceps, so organically grown US cordyceps is a very good option. The cordyceps should then be processed without the use of extreme heat or chemicals so that none of the nutrients get destroyed. Last but not least, a cordyceps supplement should contains only 100% pure cordyceps sinensis with absolutely no fillers, flow agents, or artificial ingredients.

The Top 4 Most Important Supplements

fish oil

I often get asked “What vitamins are the best to take?” Well, that answer will vary from person to person, and technically speaking, I’m not exactly qualified to answer that question. I am a health and fitness aficionado, but I am not certified in any medical or fitness fields. So to answer this question to the best of my ability, I will tell you about the 4 most important supplements that my body needs.

1. Fish Oil

I take fish oil because it is the perfect natural source of omega fats and vitamins A and D. It is important to remember that not all fish oil supplements are created equal. I buy a traditionally fermented cod liver oil. Traditional processing of fish oil allows all of the precious nutrients to stay intact.

2. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is another highly important source of healthy fats. It contains many fatty acids that work to combat disease, boost energy, boost metabolism, and benefits healthy weight loss. Coconut oil is an all around superfood because it is so nutrient dense and it boast so many beneficial properties.

3. Algae

Algae supplements are another one on my top 4 list. I think of algae supplement’s as nature’s multivitamins because they contain such a vast array of nutrients. My favorite algae supplements are spirulina and chlorella as those are the most beneficial.

4. Probiotics

Last but not least, I feel that everyone should be taking a probiotic supplement. Our modern diet does not contain NEARLY enough fermented foods. Fermented foods, the probiotics they provide, are entirely necessary to the core of human health and wellness.

There you have it! Fish oil, coconut oil, algae, and probiotics are the top 4 supplements that my body needs. I believe that everyone should be taking at least a probiotic, but almost everyone can benefit from each of these superfood supplements.

An Herbal Remedy for Everything

Adaptogens are herbs that work to normalize anything that isn’t functioning properly within the human body. They also boost the immune system and improve overall health and wellness. Adaptogens can only be classified as so if they cause little to no side effects. The purpose of an adaptogen will vary from person to person as the genius little herbs discover exactly what’s wrong and start working to correct the problem.

Take rhodiola rosea for example; rhodiola rosea has the amazing ability to decrease feelings of stress and anxiety in those who are anxious. It can also cure and prevent insomnia, but oddly enough, rhodiola rosea can also work to increase energy. Someone who is constantly high strung and anxious will notice a soothing effect from rhodiola while someone who is constantly overrun and tired will notice an energizing and uplifting effect. Someone who suffers from both low energy and anxiety will benefit in a multitude of ways.


I personally take Siberian rhodiola rosea because I feel that it is the most effective. I buy a supplement made from Siberian rhodiola rosea root. It contains a rhodiola extract that contains 3% rosavins and 1% salidrosides- the ideal and most beneficial ratio. I also tend to only buy supplements that contain zero artificial ingredients, so the rhodiola supplement I buy simply contains Siberian rhodiola rosea extract and nothing else. One thing I have learned since moving to South Africa is that it is best to feed my body herbs and foods that are close to nature as possible.

Rhodiola rosea isn’t the only adaptogen herb. There are plenty of adaptogen herbs that work to improve overall health and wellness while causing little to no side effects. I encourage you to research adaptogen herbs to discover the wonders they can do for you and your body.