I fell in love with South Africa eight years ago and I’m never going back!

Trees and Fields at Sunset

In 2006, I moved from the United States to South Africa in search of a healthier lifestyle. If you didn’t know, the United States is one of the most chemically laden and corrupt food supplies in the world. It was nearly impossible to live a healthy life in America because it was nearly impossible to find organic food. I’ve since visited the United States and learned that they have put more effort into local and organic food, but the food supply is still vastly corrupt and genetically modified. Besides, I fell in love with South Africa eight years ago and I’m never going back!

I now follow a Weston A. Price inspired diet that consists of whole and organic foods that I cook myself. I try to buy local and organic whenever possible. I eat plenty of healthy protein and fats from grass-fed dairy, pastured meats, and wild caught seafood. I also eat plenty of vegetables and fresh fruit. I try to avoid gluten, and all processed foods- ESPECIALLY processed sugars.

When I moved to South Africa, I got a gym membership and I’ve had one ever since. I try to work out 3-5 times per week but I am always sure to give my body at least two days of rest. I like to do a lot of functional movement training- my own special blend of crossfit and traditional body building. My favorite exercises are dead lifts, lunges, and squats! For cardio, I prefer to get out of the gym with nice long walk on the beach or an adventurous hilly bike ride. Ellipticals are lame!

I will be using this blog to keep myself on the healthy track and to help others join me a long the way. It took a huge change for me to get healthy, but I’m going to use this blog to share the little, everyday changes you can make in order to live a healthier lifestyle.