An Herbal Remedy for Everything

Adaptogens are herbs that work to normalize anything that isn’t functioning properly within the human body. They also boost the immune system and improve overall health and wellness. Adaptogens can only be classified as so if they cause little to no side effects. The purpose of an adaptogen will vary from person to person as the genius little herbs discover exactly what’s wrong and start working to correct the problem.

Take rhodiola rosea for example; rhodiola rosea has the amazing ability to decrease feelings of stress and anxiety in those who are anxious. It can also cure and prevent insomnia, but oddly enough, rhodiola rosea can also work to increase energy. Someone who is constantly high strung and anxious will notice a soothing effect from rhodiola while someone who is constantly overrun and tired will notice an energizing and uplifting effect. Someone who suffers from both low energy and anxiety will benefit in a multitude of ways.


I personally take Siberian rhodiola rosea because I feel that it is the most effective. I buy a supplement made from Siberian rhodiola rosea root. It contains a rhodiola extract that contains 3% rosavins and 1% salidrosides- the ideal and most beneficial ratio. I also tend to only buy supplements that contain zero artificial ingredients, so the rhodiola supplement I buy simply contains Siberian rhodiola rosea extract and nothing else. One thing I have learned since moving to South Africa is that it is best to feed my body herbs and foods that are close to nature as possible.

Rhodiola rosea isn’t the only adaptogen herb. There are plenty of adaptogen herbs that work to improve overall health and wellness while causing little to no side effects. I encourage you to research adaptogen herbs to discover the wonders they can do for you and your body.