Do I Need to Detoxify My Liver?


More and more people are focusing on their health and wellness, and many are choosing to do so by detoxifying their bodies. A good detoxification program can boost your health, reduce your weight, improve your energy, and make you feel better than ever. In order to know if you may need to detoxify your body, read the following check list of potential symptoms.

  1. Check Your Digestion

Has your digestion slowed down recently? Do you have trouble digesting fatty foods? Are you constantly bloated and uncomfortable? Do you struggle with acid reflux? Signs of improper digestion may be masking another conditions: a highly toxic liver. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it might be time to detoxify your body!

  1. Check Your Skin

Have you been struggling with breakouts or uneven skin tone? What about rosacea, itchy, or blotchy skin? You may have even noticed dark spots- often called liver spots- on the surface of your skin. All of these skin conditions can be signs that your liver needs detoxification.

  1. Check Your Weight

Have you been gaining weight, especially around your midsection, even though you have been exercising and eating right? An unhealthy liver may cause your body to store fat because it is not being broken down properly. A liver detox may be the weight loss help that you’ve been looking for.

  1. Check Your Mood

Are you constantly tired, moody, or depressed? When you have access toxins in your body, your mood and energy can be drastically effected in a very negative way. If you are experiencing abnormal mood swings and a lack of energy, you may need to detoxify your liver.

My Liver Might Be Toxic- Now What?  

The best way to detoxify your liver is drink plenty of water while taking an all natural liver detox supplement that will help enhance liver detoxification. The best supplements will contain milk thistle and turmeric, but you should also look for a supplement that contains other detoxifying herbs such as artichoke leaf, schisandra berry, cilantro, and chlorella.