How to Find Superfood Recipes


There are already so many amazing superfoods and more and more seem to be discovered each day. The problem with many superfoods is that they don’t always taste good. Many people like to hide the taste of their favorite superfoods in smoothies, but even smoothies get boring after a while. It can be hard to find superfood recipes because not everyone cares about their health like we do.

The first place to look for superfood recipes is in cookbooks. I recommend searching for superfood cookbooks on Amazon or visiting your local book store. Health stores often carry books on nutrition and superfood cookbooks, too!

The next place to look for superfood recipes is Google! If I had to pick my favorite thing about the internet, it would have to be how easy it is to find amazing recipes. With food bloggers, nutrition websites and online stores, cooking webinars, and more, finding amazing superfood recipes on the internet has never been easier!

Last but definitely not least, try searching for recipes on Pinterest! This cool little website popped up a couple of years ago. It’s basically a website that lets you store and organize all of your favorite things that you’ve found on the internet. The great thing about Pinterest is that food bloggers and fitness and nutrition experts like to post their recipes on Pinterest. With a quick search using the Pinterest search tool, you can find hundreds of easy superfood recipes. I’ve found all of my favorite spirulina recipes on Pinterest.

Once you have gathered a few interesting recipes, the only way to find out if they are good or not is to try them yourself. You could even try throwing a superfood party for your friends and family! Of course, I would recommend tasting the recipes before sharing.