How to Find the Best Cordyceps Supplement


I have spent years searching for the perfect cordyceps sinensis supplement and I believe I have developed the perfect guide for finding the best cordyceps sinensis available. First, let me begin by explaining what cordyceps is and why you would want to take this magical herb as daily supplement. Cordyceps sinensis is a mushroom like herb that grows in the Himalayan Mountains at about 12,000 feet above sea level. This amazing herbs ability to adapt to the climate and thrive gives cordyceps nearly magical medicinal properties. For this reason, cordyceps sinensis is considered an adaptogen herb.

Adaptogen herbs work to balance the body by adapting to the body’s specific needs. They balance energy levels, the stress response system, hormones, and more while simultaneously boosting overall health. Each adaptogen has its own unique properties, but they all adapt to the body’s needs while causing little to side effects or negative interactions. Adaptogen herbs are safe alternative to many dangerous prescription medicines.

Cordyceps sinensis’ unique benefits include its ability to increase energy, endurance, and stamina. Cordyceps also works to boost oxygen capacity and lung function while battling weakness and fatigue. For all of these reasons, cordyceps has become very popular with athletes. Cordyceps also works to boost the immune system, improve sexual function, and boost overall health.

The best cordyceps sinensis is organically grown in the USA or wild harvested from the HimalayanMountains. It is very difficult to find wild harvested cordyceps, so organically grown US cordyceps is a very good option. The cordyceps should then be processed without the use of extreme heat or chemicals so that none of the nutrients get destroyed. Last but not least, a cordyceps supplement should contains only 100% pure cordyceps sinensis with absolutely no fillers, flow agents, or artificial ingredients.