10 Health Benefits of Coconut Oil


1. Weight Loss – Coconut oil benefits natural weight loss in a number of ways; it increases metabolism, prevents overeating, and reduces body fat around the midsection.

2. Skin Care – Coconut oil can be applied to the skin for use as a natural moisturizer. Coconut oil can also be used a shaving cream to prevent razor burn.

3. Stress Relief – Coconut oil can be used as a wonderful massage lotion to prevent and reduce stress. It has a light tropical sent that will help you take a mental vacation.

4. Heart Health – Coconut oil contains lauric acid. Studies suggest that lauric acid improves heart health and may play a hand in preventing heart disease.

5. Digestion – Coconut oil promotes a healthier digestive system and improves regularity. The saturated fats found in coconut oil have anti-microbial properties which work to combat bacteria, fungi, and parasites.

6. Immunity – Coconut oil contains lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid which have antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties. These important acids boost the immune system and ward of illness naturally.

7. Liver Health – Coconut oil reduces the livers work load and prevents accumulation of fat on the liver white promotes optimal liver function.

8. Blood Sugar Levels – Coconut oil helps the body utilize blood glucose which promotes healthy blood sugar levels and improves the secretion of insulin.

9. Bone Health – Coconut oil boosts the body’s ability to absorb important minerals such as calcium and magnesium which are needed for the strength and development of healthy bones.

10. Dental Care – Coconut oil boosts the intake of the very important mineral known as calcium, which is of vital necessity for both healthy bones and healthy teeth. For use as a dietary supplement, I recommend unrefined coconut oil capsules.